East Los Angeles Rising has emerged from BGCA to provide youth and family programs and services that were uniquely tailored for this community, to ensure our youth stay on the road to success that we have been paving since 1950. We provide quality youth programs to neighborhoods with increasing demands for greater community involvement. From the first group of members, the Belvedere Boys, now 67 years later, the club serves more than 2,000 youth a year through traditional and innovative programs designed to best serve the youth of our community.

Since 2005, teens who attend the club regularly have attained a 100% graduation rate in a community where only 34% of adults have a high school diploma.  

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SHOULD there be a LAUSD strike and you will not be taking your child(ren) to school in support of the teachers, counselors and nurses, and/or need daycamp for the hours they won't be in front of the school with you and their teachers, please contact us at the club.  We will be open for daycamp if there is a strike.  Text 626-590-8881 for more information or to reserve your spot for your child(ren).

Debería haber una huelga de LAUSD y usted no llevará a sus hijos a la escuela para apoyar a los maestros, consejeros y enfermeras, y/o necesitará "daycamp" para las horas que no estarán frente a la escuela con usted y sus maestros, por favor contáctenos. Enviame un text a (626) 590-8881 para obtener más información o para reservar su lugar para sus niños.

  1. Home away from home. It is the best description I have for my club. It's a place where I am happy. The club was even an escape from the harsh reality I sometimes had to face. The club taught me the experiences we go through are what help shape us into the people we become and by learning to seek the positive and lessons to be learned from every situation is what helps us grow and mature. If not for my club staff mentor, I would not have realized that the power to make sound, healthy choices lies within me. I don't have to follow a destructive path. The Club motivated me to push for my best in all things that I do.
    Raven, 2017 Youth of the Year
  2. Before joining the club I did not speak up for myself. The club staff taught me how to advocate for what I wanted and to give my opinion even if it wasn't the same as someone else's. Through Keystone and Torch clubs I found my voice and how great it feels to help others. Volunteerism is a way of life for me.
    Marissa, Keystone Club President
  3. The club is very special to me and all of my siblings. There are 11 of us. My brother is an original member from 1950. My years at the club helped me find my passion, music. I remember receiving a ukelele for Christmas. I have been playing music every since. Last year my brothers and I, The Delgado Brothers won the 2016 International Blues Challenge and I was awarded Best Guitarist. The club is where dreams get their start.
    Joey Delgado, Club Alum, The Delgado Brothers

 We serve youth ages 5 to 18.  To assist working parents and to provide added security, the Smart Ride Program offers transportation from 25 schools in East Los Angeles, Montebello, Monterey Park, Commerce and neighborhoods throughout the East Section of the City of LA.  Programs are diverse and focus on six core tenets: (1) Academic Achievement, Technology (STEM) and Career; (2) Character and Leadership; (3) Health and Life Skills; (4) Sports, Fitness and Recreation; (5) the Arts; and (6) Family Unity & Empowerment.

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    Nurturing creativity, cultural awareness and appreciation for visual and performing arts. Current programs include: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vocals, Drawing, Dramatic Arts, Performing Arts Mentoring with actor, Keke Palmer & Friends; Dance
  2. 2
    Members are case managed to track success & challenges. Action plans created to support members for their specific needs. Current programs include: Homework help, Small group tutoring, STEM (computers, robotics, engineering Rigamajig, chess, NPASS) English Learner support, Sign Language, School Readiness
  3. 3
    Development of physical and social skills, stress management and appreciation for green space. Current programs include: Jr. Lakers Basketball, Dodgers RBI, Man City Soccer in the Community, Cheer, Aquatics, Volleyball, SCGA Golf, SCTA Tennis, Kaboom Playground
  4. 4
    Programs encourage goal-setting, self-sufficiency, interpersonal relationship building, self-image, ethics, manners, communication skills and healthy lifestyle choices. Current programs include: Nutrition, Gardening, Go Girl!, Guys in the Zone, Child Sight, Project Choice (drug prevention), Mindfulness, Life Mapping
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    A space of their own to socialize and study. Preparing teens for higher education, the workforce and LIFE! Current programs include: Leadership Clubs, Academic support, SAT Prep, FAFSA, Career Pathways, Job Readiness, Community Service Projects, Rising Star Program
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    We offer resources and support, from basic needs to encouraging their involvement and empowering their advocacy in their children's education and development. Workshops on a variety of topics.
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Tel.: 323-263-4955 or
Fax: 323-869-4255
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324 N. McDonnell Avenue
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